16 March 2011

What Would Sophia Do?

I think about my characters a lot, sometimes more than my children. Today, while helping my almost twelve year old make a banana cream pie for his grandfather, I carefully separated the eggs, yolks in one bowl, whites in another and I thought what would Sophia do?

Sophia is the main character in my "I have nothing more to add now I must edit (for the umpteenth time)" story. She owns a small organic farm where she raises vegetables and flowers to sell and teaches sustainable agriculture classes. For one thing her eggs would be brown, green, blue or speckled and from the chickens running around under her apple trees. Mine were white and in a cardboard carton from the store, who knew where they were raised, probably Iowa. She would have collected the eggs fresh this morning. I think I bought these last week, maybe the week before, eggs keep a long time. I cracked my open, in the middle, on the edge of the bowl. Sophia would tap carefully around the top (narrow) end of the egg with a knife and pop it open, thereby preserving the bulk of the shell whole. Once the pie was cooling she would wash the inside of the eggshells removing all the slime and most of the membrane. She would place the shells in bowl to dry. Instead of pots she would plant the vegetable seeds in the shells. First, she would take a long thin needle and from the inside out poke a hole in the bottom of the shell. Then, the shell would be half filled with soil, a few seeds dropped in and more soil added. Next, they would be placed in old egg cartons in the green house and carefully tended. When it came time to plant the seedlings in the garden beds Sophia would crack the shell and put the whole thing into the ground.

 Up-cycling, sustainable-that is Sophia's way.

You can do the same thing only make ring holders out of colored or patterned card stock. Rings like you make when you color Easter Eggs. This will give each egg a perch. Place the ring and eggs on a tray. Plant wheat berry seeds in each shell (you can find whole wheat kernels in just about any natural food section of your local grocery or at a natural foods store). Place the shells in the center of your kitchen table or a window sill. Water. In a about two weeks you'll have a bright spring green garden of wheat grass.

A natural decoration for your Easter table -- Sophia's way.