11 April 2011


The cloth of righteous societies is woven from the golden threads of charity. -H. David Burton

Charity- the pure love of Christ
Charity- never fails
Charity- endures forever

Charity can take many forms. The highest forms of charity help you to grow and become more.

Good: handing money to the person on the street corner or writing a check to a humanitarian organization.
Better: taking the time to mentor a person in job seeking skills

Good: taking a meal to a family in need
Better: helping the head of household learn to budget or menu plan or to cook simple homemade meals

Good: smiling to the person nearest you in line
Better: opening your mouth and sharing a kind word

Four weeks after moving to San Pedro, Ca. I attended an activity at church. While we worked on a project a matronly lady asked if I had gotten settled in okay and how I like the area. I causally commented, without any sorrow or self pity, that I hadn’t made any friends yet. I’d been so busy unpacking, home schooling my oldest child, and caring for the three children (at that time ages, 1.5, 4.5, and 7.5) that I hadn’t taken the time to reach out to others. 

A younger lady with blond hair and vibrant blue eyes looks up from her place at the far end of the table  and calls out over the space, “What do you mean, Nicole, I’m your friend.”

I smiled at her a warm glow spreading through me. I didn’t even know her name.

Kathleen and I helped clean up from the activity. While we did so I learned her name, and met her husband and children. We spent a lot of time together over the next two years, until my family moved again. Sixteen years we have been friends. I have moved five times during those years (big moves: to central California, the east coast, the Midwest, back east again, and five years ago to Oregon) through it all we have stayed in contact and have shared much.

A kind word, a simple act has enriched my life immensely. 

What act of charity, given to you, has affected your life? What charitable act have you committed that enriched your life in ways you didn’t foresee?