20 June 2011

Earn Your Degree in Home Education

Studying the works and methods of other home educators is a great way to get started or to bolster your own home education efforts. When you add in your final project (getting a child successfully to the education level you planned, for me that is to college), write up your final report (in the form of an ongoing journal, diary or blog posts), and give back to your community (helping other families get started with home education) you have earned the equivalent of a bachelors or masters degree.

The first books I read, twenty years ago, on the How To of home education are still applicable today. These authors/educators were some of the first pioneers in the modern home education movement. Take a look at these classics. You can find them on Amazon.

The Three R’s by Dr. Ruth Beechick – the basics of teaching your child from K-3
Better Late Than Early by Raymond and Dorothy Moore
The Successful Homeschool Family Handbook by Raymond and Dorothy Moore

In college I also studied the methods of Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, Maria Montessori, and others. 

Later, the number of families home educating their children grew more and more books were written. The following gave a boost to our education efforts when our oldest was about twelve.

The Well Trained Mind, a guide to classical education at home by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise

Then a few years later Oliver DeMille came out with A Thomas Jefferson Education. In this book he has synthesized the best of the last twenty years of the home education movement by harkening back to an age when the great minds were educated at home before venturing out to colleges. Together with his wife, Rachel, they have written several books and produced many audio recording (taken from seminars). Once you have read A Thomas Jefferson Education (also available in audio form) listen to Core and Love of Learning Seminar Highlights. Over the last several years they have written more books, such as A Thomas Jefferson Education Home Companion, which I have not yet read. You can find their items at their web site www.tjed.org some of the books are also available on Amazon. 

Have I ever followed any of these ideas to a “T”? No. I took what was best for each child and for our family’s goals and circumstances and pieced them together. You too will need to find a balance and discover what works best for you.

 What home education how to books/audio have you found most helpful?

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