23 June 2011

Little Changes

I’m one of those rare people who actually like to do laundry. I like the sorting into orderly defined piles. I like the swish, swish as the clothes tumble around in the washer. I have a front loader. It is mesmerizing to watch the material, water and soap scramble and tumble around each other. I love the scent of laundry drying so much that my daughter gave me bubble bath called fresh cotton. I even like to iron. This is a good thing because I’ve started washing and ironing all of Mr. W’s dress shirts.
He wears six a week, five to work and one for church.  Now, I’m not ironing six shirts a week because I love him so much (besides I’m sure he could think of some better way I could express my love for him in the time it takes me to do the ironing) but simply because it saves us $50 a month in laundering costs. We also canceled Orkin pest control- they were quite useful in keeping the country crawly things out of the house and wasps away from it. NAW got a job cleaning out the neighbor’s chicken coop each month. This job will pay for the increased cost of his Taekwondo class. I’ve also, at Mr. W’s request, started making him lunch each morning (if I plan right it is usually dinner leftovers- he likes that). Little changes, small shifts in the way we have done things as we adjust to the larger changes in the world.

Given this week’s economic news I’m betting those people who have planted gardens are feeling a bit better about themselves. On my walks this week I saw six vegetable gardens in yards that in years past have not had gardens. This may not seem like much but on a three mile walk I pass about 35 houses, they are spread apart with the smallest lot being about two acres.  I would guess that at least half these houses have vegetable gardens, fruit trees and berry bushes. Many also have few chickens. A friend has milk goats and another has meat rabbits. I doubled the size of this year’s garden and am working real hard to keep it alive. Little changes, small shifts in the way we have done things as we adjust to the change in the world. 

What little changes have you made to stay within budget?