13 June 2011

Look to the Possiblities

Recently, several challenges have presented themselves to Mr. W and I. Dealing with all this “stuff” can be daunting. These aren’t issues we are taking lightly, we’ve talked of them, prayed about them, meditated over the course to take and we can’t, at this moment, see a clear way through but I have hope solutions will be reached.
Mr.W, in one quick mid-workday phone call, had just finished recounting a lengthy list of problems to the several end points we had come up with. I listened, after twenty-four years of marriage I know this man is going to look at all (and I mean all) the reasons why something won’t work. I tend to see only the sweet smelling (thorn-less) roses so we balance each other nicely.

In the silence that ensued upon hanging up the phone I felt the Spirit whisper, ever so gently, “Look to the possibilities”. I have thought about that statement over and over again. It hasn’t made the pathway any clearer but I know as I look beyond the problems to the possibilities a way will be shown.

Then I remembered an address I heard in October of 2010 at a Time Out for Women conference. S. Michael Wilcox spoke on a message of hope and told a story from the Old Testament found in Numbers 13. A summary of that story goes as follows:

At this point in history, Israel was just a few months out of Egypt, and they had been given the law of God. The Lord indicated that it was time to go in and possess the Promised Land. He commanded that a reconnaissance group be sent into Canaan to look over the land. The evidence of the richness of the land was irrefutable, and the spies even brought back a cluster of grapes carried on a staff between two men to demonstrate the beauty and richness of the produce (see Numbers 13:23). Yet the spies, except for Joshua and Caleb, reported that, despite the richness of the land, there was no hope for driving out the inhabitants. The exaggerated tone of their negative report shows in the use of such words as “very great,” the land “eateth up the inhabitants thereof,” “all the people . . . are men of great stature,” “we saw the giants,” “we were . . . as grasshoppers”. (Old Testament Student Guide, pg 205)

So here we have two views:

 Caleb and Joshua who focused on the fruits of the land, brought back grapes, pomegranates and figs and they described it as a place flowing with milk and honey.

And the rest of the spies who focused on the barriers to the fruit- the walls and the strength of the inhabitants.

38 years later the people were ready to focus on the fruit the Lord promised them and with his strength they were able to overcome the barriers.

If you want to create hope look past the walls and the giants and focus on the fruit. The Lord will bring down the walls and deal with the giants.  Don’t wait 38 years to reach your promise.   

Look beyond the problems and to the possibilities.

What do you do when faced with a great barrier?