11 June 2011

Love Scene Contest

The AMAZING Gabriela Lessa (http://aspiringwriterworld.blogspot.com/2011/06/love-all-year-long-contest-with-prizes.html) is hosting a Love Scene contest in honor of Brazil's Valentine's Day. I have a soft spot in my heart for Brazil as my oldest son has been serving a mission in the Sao Paulo area for the past 15 months.
A huge THANK YOU to  agent Weronika Janczuk for offering fabulous prizes. 
And, thank you all for stopping by and commenting. I'm looking forward to reading your scenes.

Name: Nicole M. White
Genre: contemporary romance
Entry word count: 624
Manuscript word count: 90,954
Link number: 10
Scene Who: Ryan- reformed Hollywood bad-boy and world wide mega star
         Sophia- widowed mom of two teenage boys, organic farmer
         20% into the story

“Who is it?” Sophia shifted in her outdoor bathtub unable to reach for the towel.

 “It’s Ryan.” She heard his foot step on the wooden deck stairs. “Oh, here you are. What the?”

“I’m taking a bath.” Sophia sunk a bit lower in the water, as if it could hide her.


“Under the stars… see,” she pointed to the sky. “I think a better question is what are you doing here?”

“I missed you.”


“It’s been two weeks. I can’t stop thinking about you. I’ll be reading a script and I find I want to ask your opinion on a scene. Or I’ll be at the store and wonder what you would rather have; the steak or salmon, and then I’ll give up and grab a deli sandwich.” Ryan spoke rushed, jangling the keys in his hands, and shifting on his feet.

“But this is crazy; you don’t just hop on a plane and show up unannounced in the dark of the night.”

“Who’s talking about crazy - you’re bathing outside.  Not even a fence to keep out wandering strangers.”

“Strangers don’t wander my property.” Sophia snapped back. “If you didn’t notice the whole town is practically asleep by now. Go away.” She shooed him with her hand, splattering his pants with water.


“Go away, or turn around, I’m getting out.”

“Don’t, it’s kind of sexy. Are you really bathing, no swim suit?”

“This is a bath, not a hot tub.”

 Ryan pulled over one of the deck chairs. Having no choice Sophia sank back submerging her shoulders. Ryan splashed the water with his fingers. “Oh, nice, warm. Well… Surprise. Not quite the welcome I expected.”

“What were you expecting?  I told you we shouldn’t see each other again.”
“I know what you said, but I didn’t think your heart meant it. Sophia, there is something between us. It can’t be all in my head, I can feel it, so real, the most real thing I’ve ever felt.”

Sophia studied Ryan, his amber eyes passionate, sparkling with an internal light, once again rivaling the stars in the night sky. His lips, firm, full, holding back his desire. His hand, the fingers swirling the water, the times they had held her they fit just right. And this connection between them a band stretched thin with the distance had come home and rested comfortably around them.

“Yes, Ryan, you are right.” Her voice light; happy to finally admit what her heart has been telling her, she felt a weight lift and fly away.

Ryan leaned over the tub; his hands braced on either side, gripping the rim, and kissed her, soft and gentle, lips barely brushing. His hands slipped.  He splashed into the tub, jacket, shirt, jeans soaked. They laughed as he struggled for a moment. Then the laughter drifted away with the steam rising in the air. Ryan stilled considering the soft, warm, women beneath him. She placed a dripping hand on his dry shoulder leaving a wet print on the dark fabric and gently pushed him away.

“As enjoyable as this is, I think one of us is overdressed.” Ryan said dryly lightening the mood with another laugh. He managed to stand up. His clothes dripped and steamed in the cool night air. He took off his jacket and hung it over the chair. His shirt followed and then his shoes.

“What do you think you are doing?” Sophia asked alarmed.

“I’m dripping wet.”

“Obviously. Get your bag while I go inside and put something on. I’ll meet you at the front door and you can change in the guest room.”

“Aww… you’re no fun.”


“I know sweetheart just teasing.” He kissed her once and headed to his car.