26 June 2011

The Week in Pictures

June 19-24 in photos
chickens, peonies, strawberries... oh my!

 Sunday I found a stray flock of young guinea hens in the yard. They eventually flew away, phew- guinea hens are noisy constantly calling to one another.


Monday- fresh strawberries from the garden- need I say more?

Tuesday- picking pink and white peonies. WOW the scent fills the room

Around the corner from my house a field of daisies. Yeah, I live in the country and it really is this beautiful

 A sign down the road reads "2011 Hay in the Field. Haying soon. Call to reserve"
Yep- people around here have their favorite local hay farms to supply hay for their cattle and horses (in our case goats). All these farmers have town jobs and run the old family farm on the side.

 Solstice Tuesday and my birthday. Joined the youth from church at the Temple. The late evening summer sun shining bright in a blue sky.

 NAW, 12yo has a job cleaning the neighbors chicken coop. He helps pay for his taekwondo lessons.

Friday- kayaking with NAW. WRW went backpacking for 3 days and HMW is visiting her sister in Utah. Strange to have just one child at home. HMW having a terrific time and WRW found his first backpacking trip fantastic.  NAW loved his time out on the water. The river/creek/bay is still running high, this is normally land with grazing cows.

Saturday found us at the city park listening to a Scottish storyteller and bagpipe player (he also played the Irish flute, whistle, and guitar).

In other news- I spent some time working on my current WIP (no title, main character Leslie). I like the basic story line but writing it is giving me headache and I found it boring! Despairing. Then this morning I woke up with ideas for a story I started several years ago (mc- Beth) from despair to excitement. LOVE the creative process. 

A few weeks ago I participated in a small contest hosted by Gabriela Lessa. I won an honorable mention and a first 25 page critique of Stars Bright. Other than a few family members no one has read beyond chapter one. On my birthday I get this feedback from Gabriela: "Just finished your pages and I love them! The plot is wonderful, the characters are strong and the pace is great." (then follows some very good critique). Humm... maybe I can really do this writing thing.

Lots of family visiting the next two weeks, my oldest and her husband and then my mom so not much posting or writing happening. Taking a few weeks to enjoy my loved ones and summer in the the Pacific Northwest.

Hugs - Nicole