09 August 2011

Words Inadequate

No, I really didn’t drop off the edge of the earth I went to Big Sur.
This amazing slice of our planet on the central California coast had spotty cell coverage, no wifi and tie-dye is the norm for attire. I commented to my sisters, who had been with me for the three days, “Words are inadequate to describe out time in Big Sur. Bixby Bridge is a portal to another realm and Kris Kristofferson is the sound track.”
Bixby Bridge
For the three of us E, S and I this trip was a step back in time as we relived memories of our childhood and amazing times spent in Big Sur as a family with our parents RLT and LJF. RLT mine and E’s father passed away, unexpectedly, in April. LJF, S’s mom, passed away in December 2010 after a hard fought battle with cancer. Our family history is messy, our childhoods fraught with hurt, and our memories sweet as well as painful. RLT and LJF parted ways over fifteen years ago. E, S and I have drifted in and out of contact during our adult lives but have made a dedicated effort to reach out to one another over the last couple of years. Along with connecting as sisters we spread our parents’ ashes in special places. We spread their ashes together, after all they did once love each other with a passion that burned and they did bring us together and together E, S and I are stronger, better women. And Kris, well as kids we’d roll our eyes as Dad popped in the cassette tape, but we’d sing along as we drove down the highway laying on the bed in the back of the retrofitted blue cargo van the breeze from the open window whipping our hair into tangles and the sun on our faces.
E, S and I