16 September 2011

Summer Harvest

There are many ways to grow and many things to harvest. From strawberries, to tomatoes, wild berries and family memories, new achievements and steadily working toward a long term goal.

Summer never really hit the greater Portland Oregon area until the beginning of September so the tomatoes are just getting ripe, but we have a huge crop. My zucchini grew enough to satisfy; we got a few artichokes, and a bunch of hot peppers. Strawberries came out our ears and from down the road we picked 25 pounds of wild blackberries. I planted the corn and green beans to early so next year I'll take a clue from my more experienced neighbors and wait until they plant. 

In other areas of growth and harvest I sent my manuscript for a novel I worked on over the last year to my writing group and got great feedback (now to prune and trim the story). I also got a nice blog up and running and delved into the world of twitter to connect with other writers and agents.

As a family we harvested up a few warms days to spend on the boat at a nearby lake and out on Columbia River (avoiding the salmon fishermen) so we could tube and swim.

All in all a productive and satisfying summer.

Now, how about you? What you are harvesting….in any sense of the word.
Scappoose Bay and Mt. St. Helens, sunset