26 March 2012

Little Joys

Two small things happened recently to make me happy. One, a lady I did not know offered to teach me how to put a zipper in the pleather pants I needed to have ready by Friday. The other, I found out that at the Emerald City ComicCon (Seattle’s comic book and sci-fi convention) I would be able to attend three writing classes. 

Yeah, fake leather pants and ComicCon. 

It turns out that finding someone who not only sews but does zippers is hard. After weeks of asking almost everyone I know, last Friday, during my super early work out session, I finally said something at Curves. Later in the morning a woman calls and said she heard I needed help, she teaches 4-H sewing, and would be happy to teach me how to do the zipper. So, I spent two hours at her house that afternoon (the pattern has the worst directions I have ever seen) and learned to put in a zipper. 

As for ComicCon, the twisty path to my attendance is a tale for another post, but needless to say I’m going with my happy husband and children. This has meant any time for writing has been given over to the making of costumes and the acquisition of the needed paraphernalia and accoutrements. I’ve been a bit frustrated by this encroachment on my time but, Mr. W has wanted to do this forever and it is probably the only time we will have four of our five children together (our oldest is jealous) while ComicCon is going on.  Last night as I looked over the list of activities, classes, panels, games etc… I found three writing seminars. Mr. W has encouraged me to attend the classes. I feel a bit rewarded for my sacrifice and unselfishness. And I get to go to class wearing pleather pants, a custom made (by Mr. W) leather belt, a holster (also made by Mr. W) that is so huge is wraps around my thigh, and a pulse pistol. How cool is that?