22 April 2012

I Will Go Where You Want Me To Go...

With two of our kids in college, two more to follow in a few years, and one married daughter we have chosen to follow our kids lead…

19 April 2012

The Last Time

Think of someone you love.

Think of the last time you saw them. Call up the sounds, the smells, the feelings of that moment. Immerse yourself in it. 

Now think that this is the last time you will see them.

It was a year ago today my father, RLT, passed away. 

Miss B’s wedding, the last time I saw him. Mr. W and Miss B were dancing the father-daughter dance. Half way through the song Butterfly Kisses RLT comes up behind where I sat and put his hand on my shoulder. The weight, the warmth, the love and pride that flowed from him to me – I can still feel it. The song ended and Mr. W handed our daughter over to Mr. B. My father stayed as they danced to Little Wonders.

Today Little Wonders comes on the radio. I see my daughters glowing face. I feel my father’s hand on my shoulder.
I cry.

Tears of peace.

Rest well RLT.

Know you are missed.

Know you are loved.

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18 April 1988
June 1985

06 April 2012

Comicon - Who Would of Thought?

I threaded my way through the throng of people moving around each other the way water flows and bubbles in a rocky stream.