06 April 2012

Comicon - Who Would of Thought?

I threaded my way through the throng of people moving around each other the way water flows and bubbles in a rocky stream. 

“Aeryn, Aeryn Sun – can I get a picture?” 

After a day and a half in this persona I respond almost automatically and turn and smile, “Sure.” I pull my pulse pistol from the leather and rivet studded holster wrapping my thigh and pose. The crowd parts around the photographer and I. 


Behind me are clustered several Wrath from Stargate Atlantis and over by the pillar is a group dressed in a Steampunk Superman motif.

Dr. Whos

 Imperial Officers

Katnisses with Zombie

Klingons and Spock

Weeping Angles

 Lady in a cool get-up

Name your favorite sci-fi or comic and there is probably a character wandering here. Here being the Emerald City Comicon.

This is a first for our family. Mr. W came up with the idea months ago. It turned out to be a great family vacation, no, really – it did. Over the last few years we’d talked about going to Disneyland and then we’d run the numbers and put the idea on the back burner. For us Comicon was a better vacation:

1) Cheaper 

2) Closer to home

3) Unifying - We worked together to make the outfits and all the little details that went into getting them just right

4) Way fun – we got to dress as the characters, walk around in their persona and have our picture taken (Okay, okay, so there are no rides, but we have fond memories of two seasons of unlimited passes to Kings Dominion Amusement Park in Virginia)

In my mind I’m is churning costumes ideas for another Comicon – Steampunk Batman, a character who uses intricate gadgets anyway one only needs to give them a steampunk twist. Batman accented with brass and gears, Batgirl in a corset her black outfit highlighted with purple taffeta...hmmm this could get addicting.