23 November 2012


The last eight months have held a lot of changes for our family:      


-In April we found out we were being transferred to Utah from Oregon
-We finished the remolding the master bath of our Oregon house and got it sold in the required three months
-We found a home to buy in Utah
-BAM and BLM sold their condo and moved in with us. ALW finished his semester of college and moved in with us. Eight people now live in the house.
-WRW enrolled full time in at high school and NAW enrolled in an online charter school thus putting an abrupt end to our twenty years of home schooling
-A change in Church policy is letting HMW go on a mission now, having just turned 19, instead of at age 21. She leaves for New York January 9th.
-We have found doctors and are progressing in getting ALW the jaw surgery we have known for ten years he will need to have once he stopped growing.

There has been many twist, turns and challenges, but even among all the chaos there is an overriding feeling of peace with us.  Though we don’t really know why we are to be in Utah and all the different opportunities being here has presented to us we do know it is part of a larger master plan. We feel the hand of Providence guiding us and are grateful for His presence.

What has helped you through big life changes?