09 March 2013

Writing Fit

One trend I've noticed among writers – we are not very fit. It’s hard to keep up a good walking pace when your head is in the clouds dreaming up an amazing new scene or to keep track of what rep you are on while also conjuring up a wonderful new character. Then there is all that sitting to get those scenes and characters out of your head so others can share in the wonder. Also, between the general stuff of life and trying to carve out time to write fixing healthy meals can go by the wayside.  A good way to keep up the motivation to move and eat healthy is encouragement from other. So, between posts on this blog, highlights on twitter, and  comments on Facebook I thought we could keep each other motivated, fit, and writing healthy.

What do you do to stay fit as a writer?

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For our fit and healthy encourgament tweets lets use the tage #amwritingfit

Here's to a  healthy YOU!