04 May 2013

Busy - Good - Full

Life has been unbalanced.Busy, good, full – off-kilter. With a coworker on maternity I’ve been working twice as many hours as normal – busy. My wonderful, darling mother-in-law came for a visit – good. Also, I’ve painted my bedroom, continued with running, and celebrated my twenty-six anniversary with my amazing, I’m-so-in-love-with-him Mr. W – full. 

Added to this mix of fun and exciting things (because even though life’s been keeping me on my toes, I do find it fun) I had a writing group meeting with Josh and Scott from Fox Hollow Publications.
Yes, I’m a writer so I find meeting with publishers fun and exciting. Josh and Scott are terrific guys, and even though the night went way past my bedtime (but lately every night has been going way past my bedtime),  I came away charged up, eyes shining, and the hunger to write and write and write along with getting published ramped up.

Though Fox Hollow is a small and new publishing company the folks there come with a broad base of experience. They are young and savvy enough to understand the changing shifts in the publishing world and mature enough to play “with the big boys”. And, because they are confidant and sure of the products and services they offer they are able to work hard while having a good time. Another positive point, Fox Hollow’s personal touch: They intimately work with each author, considering their input while developing their writing in to a marketable product. Overall a nice, comfortable balance. 

After Scott and Josh told us about their company we had an informal pitch session. Each author told a little about their work and in-depth about one piece. I learned as much from Scott and Josh’s comments to the other authors as I did from the personal comments they made from me. I think the biggest revelation to me was a question Scott asked me after listing to my pitch about Stars Bright and my mention of its companion stories. “Are you sure it’s a romance?”  Wow! I love it when one question either by myself or someone else can shift the paradigm. 

So, hop over to Fox Hollow. Check them out!

Let me know what you look for in an agent or publishing company. 

For those of you heading to LDStorymakers Conference this week – I hope to see you there.