18 May 2013

Go on - I dare you!

You are a risk taker

You are awesome

Those words rang through my head as I woke. Totally cool way to start the day. Especially since I was heading off the run the furthest distance I’ve ever run in my life – the Stake’s 5K Fun Run (3.11 miles to be exact). I signed my name under the oldest age category. There were four others on the list. We started out running. Person after person passed me. I thought of the hare and tortoise. Slow and steady and I’d finish the race. My goal – to finish having run the whole way, hopefully under 45 minutes. Sooner than expected I hit that spot where breathing becomes easy and I don’t even notice my body moving. I passed the half way mark, glad I did't take the cup of water, because now I was queasy. Deep breaths, keep moving. Further down the trail I started to get bored, but some deer bounding along in the ravine provided a beautiful distraction and I got my motivation again. As I ran along I worked out a scene in one of my books. Then the rain started. And I turned the corner. And the wind blew in my face as I ran uphill by the horse arena filled with dung and the diesel truck belched as it passed. And I felt great.  So I picked up speed and crossed the finish line at 40:11 minutes.
(for my group)

I AM awesome.

Not so sure about me being a risk taker – more like daring.

What do you do that for you is personally daring and awesome?

Because let me tell you –

 YOU are awesome!

And that goal, whatever it is, you CAN achieve it.

Go on – Do it – I dare you to take that risk. 

(Now to get dressed in medieval clothes and go to the Renaissance Fair with my family.)