27 September 2013

Costuming Basics

For some cosplayers the creation of the costume is a labor of love and a fun hobby. This is the first in a series for the novice cosplayer.

Step One - The new you

Who to dress as? ANYONE you want!

Pick a character that you think has a totally rockin' look and jump into their skin.
It can be from any genera - book, movie, TV, game or your own unique creation.
Make the look work for you.

Even a white girl

can make an awesome Zoe

                                                   And girls can be great Dr. Who's 

Some people go to great length to make their costume as exact as possible

Others put their unique spin on the look

Who would you like to be for one to three days? 

My favorite character to play is Aeryn Sun from FarScape, because I like her character story so much and I get to wear a cool hostler for my pulse pistol and carry a big pulse rifle.