02 October 2013

Walking while you Write

One thing that is important to me is staying fit and I like to multitask.
Now I’m not a rabid go to the gym, take every class type person but I do like to feel healthy. I watch what I eat (mostly) and enjoy walking, an occasional run (something new in the past year), and other physical activity. Over the last several years as writing has become more important to me and as I’ve become serious about being published I’ve found more and more of my time has been spent with my behind in a chair and my fingers on a keyboard. Now, my fingers are getting a great workout – the rest of me? Not so much. My legs will begin to get twitchy, my lower back ache and I start to get bored with the lack of movement. Yes, I vary thing a bit, get up, stretch, pet the cat, play with the bunny, get a drink but it’s not the same as MOVING. That is why when I saw an article about treadmill desks I said “Yes! I want one!”

You can buy a pre-made desk that fits over your treadmill and adjust to the height you need. For me, who still needs to buy a treadmill, this was a costly option. Instead I’m going to get the ever handy and highly talented Mr. W to help me build one. It will look something like this:

This desk is designed to fit on the arms of the treadmill. The foam blocks can be cut on the underside if your treadmill arms slant. The foam will also raise the desk to your comfortable working height. 

To work at a treadmill desk you set up the space with the supplies you need, a phone, computer, light, drink and whatever you like when working. Then, and this is the trick, set your treadmill to a slow speed, anywhere from .7 to 2 miles per hour. The recommendation is to start off slow until you get the hang of it. Reports say that working on the computer even making phone calls are easily done while walking at this pace. In the time it takes you make several business calls you could have walked a few miles. The longer you work walking the calories you will burn. On top of that you will get your blood flowing and all that circulation will help your brain power. 

Studies have shown that the western lifestyle is becoming more and more sedentary. Yes, we try to walk and go to the gym a few times a week, but those sporadic bursts of activity can’t counteract the damage hours and hours of sitting do to our bodies.  [http://bit.ly/157pYaz]

So, do yourself a favor, stop using your treadmill as a drying rack instead place it in a pleasant place, build yourself a desk and get walking as you work. 

By the way- does anyone have a treadmill for sale - cheep?