08 January 2014

Yummy Winter Foods

As a writer I spend a lot of time sitting (still haven't gotten that treadmill desk- I have used the treadmill at the gym a few times and it makes me dizzy, not sure how a treadmill desk would work for me- bummer, but anyway...) I spend a lot of time sitting so to balance that I try to eat healthy. I drink plenty of good liquids, mostly filtered water or herbal tea because there is to much sugar in juices and to many chemicals in the no calorie flavored drinks.

Here are a two of my favorites this winter:

This tasty tea blend will tingle your tongue any time of day.
It's a mix of cinnamon, hibiscus, chamomile and orange peel. I'm a morning writer so I start the day with a batch of this. When I go to the gym midday I'll often fill my water bottle with a chilled, weak brewing. Refreshing.

My supper easy way of making tea- fill a quart canning jar with water, add two tea bags, microwave for 3 minutes, let steep for about 5 minutes. Save the tea bags. When I'm finished with the quart of tea I put the used bags back in the jar and fill with cold water. I let this sit for a couple of hours, until I'm heading to the gym, and then I fill my water bottle with this cool and refreshing drink.

Pears and Pecans with Mixed Greens

I've modified this from a recipe in Family Vegetarian Cooking by Good Housekeeping

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
a pinch of salt and fresh ground pepper
3 tablespoons olive oil
Mix dressing well by whipping with wire whisk or blender

1 ripe pear, cored and cut into bite sized pieces
1/8 cup of pecans coarsely copped or broken up
.5 oz of tangy goat cheese
Mixed baby salad greens

Toss cut pears with dressing. Place a generous amount of salad greens in a bowl (the amount will depend on how hungry you are). Top greens with pears. Sprinkle on pecans. Crumble the goat cheese on top. Gently mix.

I will often double this recipe and eat the whole thing by myself for lunch. The flavors really pop in your mouth. The contrast of the sweet pears, the creamy dressing, and the bite of the cheese dance across ones taste buds.


What is your favorite healthy go to food this winter?