12 August 2011

Write Your Query NOW!

I sent my manuscript, the main one I’ve been working on for the last year, off to my writing group today. Huge relief washed over me, I’ve gotten so that I felt (gasp!) sick just thinking about Sophia, Ryan, and the rest of the cast of STARS BRIGHT. I shut off the computer and took a deep breath knowing I wouldn’t have to look at that thing until the fabulous ladies of the Moonwriting Chapter of the American Night Writers Association get back to me.

An hour later (I swear either I’m insane or I like torturing myself) the writer in me kicked back into gear and I started churning out ideas for another story I’ve been working on. Not only were scenes developing but I mentally started to work on the query. Crazy, I only have 2,217 words down on paper.  Elana Johnson in a video chat she held a few months ago said she stops and writes her query letter when she gets to about page fifty. This thought has stuck with me. I didn’t write my query letter for STARS BRIGHT until I was deep into revisions. Tonight I hammered out a very rough and very ugly query for SKIES BLUE. Yeah, it needs work, but I now have focus and clarity. 

More importantly I’m falling in love with SKIES BLUE and Chas and Mel. I’m glad to be back at the familiar fields of Cascade View Farm and am looking forward to exploring the wide open spaces of the Double M Ranch.  

When do you like to start working on your query?

Are you up to the challenge of stopping your WIP and writing your query now?


09 August 2011