26 July 2011

Winnie-the-Pooh and Shortcomings

I love Winnie-the-Pooh by A.A. Milne. He has a big heart, great patience for other’s shortcomings, and is quick with forgiveness. Every person has things they stumble and struggle with. It is our reactions to these quirks, disabilities, or faults that give us a measure of who we are.

25 July 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I’ve been revising (and revising) Stars Bright and thinking about the little details that make Sophia (main character) who she is. At one point she confesses to a secret, guilty pleasure which is in juxtaposition to her character.

18 July 2011

Deana Barnhart Query Contest

(updated July 20)
Here's the final version of the query that I can tweak to fit each agents personal tastes. Thanks for the help and feedback everyone. And those fresh from the garden, virtual strawberries I promised- here you go:

Being rescued by a movie star is the last thing widow Sophia Hunt expects when her car breaks down along the California coast. A straight-laced mother of two teenage sons who loves the calm country life on her organic farm is hardly what could be called a perfect match for reformed Hollywood bad-boy Ryan Daniels, yet she can’t resist his persistent charms.

With threats from one of Ryan’s crazed fans endangering her farm, a saboteur trying to destroy Ryan’s rebuilt career, and a bully set on revenge Sophia wonders if stepping into Ryan's sleek silver sports car that bright spring day was such a good idea. After two “accidental” dates with hometown veterinarian Bill Gordon she finds herself torn between the comfort of life familiar and the zest of life unknown.

Sweet like chocolate, tangy like citrus, with a hint of spice, STARS BRIGHT is a 90,000-word contemporary romance about what happens when the flowering hills of Cascade View Farm and the bright lights of Hollywood collide.

As requested on your submission guidelines, I'm pasting below X pages. I hope you'll enjoy it. If you need more pages or any more information, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

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09 July 2011

Learning Curve 10 facts and 3 new words

It’s been an interesting (stressful, scary) week where I’ve been introduced to many new things.