27 September 2013

Costuming Basics

For some cosplayers the creation of the costume is a labor of love and a fun hobby. This is the first in a series for the novice cosplayer.

25 September 2013

What I learned at Comic Con (part 3)

This is the last post on what I leaned at Salt Lake Comic Con 2013. These two panels I found the most interesting and dynamic out of all the ones I attended over the three days.

23 September 2013

Wild Trees

I live where trees grow in neat rows flanking the streets or in ascetically pleasing arraignments with shrubs and boulders. The majority of street trees are flowering pear and 90% of the yards are a doppelganger of it's neighbor. If you are one who likes conformity and order then you'd think it was lovely (and to be honest, if it wasn't for the landscaping that softens the edges and brings green lawns and flowering pops of color I'd be living among tumble weed and sage brush- which yes, has it's own beauty, but I wouldn't want to live with it every day). I was needing wild trees, the kind that grow where they will, whose roots run in a maze and whose branches are left to bend, sway, break, burn and grow as high as they will into the sky.

20 September 2013

Comic Con 101

The family and I have attend two Comic Cons. While we are in no way experts we had fun and successful experiences both times. Here are a few tips to make your Comic Con visit a treasured experience.

18 September 2013

What I learned at Comic Con (part 2)

Each day at Comic Com there were terrific panels to attend. Here are some highlights about world building, hero building and the hero's journey.

11 September 2013

What I learned at Comic Con (part 1)

Salt Lake Comic Con had and extensive panel line up. There were so many good things to choose from it was hard to narrow the list. Here are a few of the things I learned: 

09 September 2013

SLC Comic Con 2013

Seven family members


Three days

Photo Opts



Artists  Vendors  50,000+ people


Sidling through crowds and

Talking with strangers while standing in line

Listening to panels


Total Geek Culture Coolness

 for Father's and Son

for little ones 

And the exotic 
(yes, a real snake) 

Overall our three days at Salt Lake City's first Comic Con was a fun family event. The attendance numbers on Saturday reach close to 80,000 people making records for the largest first comic con. Even with those overwhelming numbers the organizers did a great job with lots of last minute planning as more and more guest agreed to come and be a part of this event. I thought the number and variate of panels astounding. I mostly went to panels on writing. The authors and others in the writing field hosting the panels were professional, fun and educational. I went to a few celebrity things and found Clair Coffee (Adaline a hexenbeast on Grimm) to be delightful and funny. We chatted with Kevin Sorbo and learned he (okay, his wife) home schools their three kids and they travel to wherever dad is working. 

We are already talking about costumes for next year.