18 March 2014

Exquisite Sadness of Life

The phrase ‘the exquisite sadness of life’ keeps running through my head today. One of Webster’s definitions of exquisite is ‘marked by deep sensitivity’.  Today we buried a neighbor, teacher, brother in Christ; tomorrow we bury another such soul. Two good men doing the right things: being fantastic husbands, awesome fathers, exemplary brothers, and so much more. Though our lives touched each others lightly it was a touch that with each encounter was leaving a lasting impression. This exquisite sadness- a feeling of deep sensitivity comes from the ability to also experience exquisite joy, exquisite contentment, exquisite passion because without the descending into the ‘valley of shadow’ one cannot stand on the mountain at sunrise and see all the beauty of creation. Without those moments that cut and cause tears to flow and flow, one cannot roll on the floor, clutching the belly and laughing. Life and all its many forms is a creature to be cherished, not locked in a gilded cage and kept safe (for there is no sure path), but to be grabbed hold of and lived to its fullest. For now, and for many days to come, I will ‘mourn with those who mourn and comfort those who stand in need of comfort’.  We will all breathe in and breathe out each moment rolling into the next as we live a life exquisite.