07 October 2013

Blog Hop Book Giveaway - Misty Moncur

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I enjoyed Misty Moncur’s Stripling Warrior Series and have been able to read two of her books Daughter of Helaman and Fight for You. Misty does a great job taking us not only back in time to an ancient American society's battle for liberty, but also into the life of a young woman fighting her own battle to follow the unconventional path the Spirit of God is leading her along.  Keturah, the heroin of the story struggles with having interests and righteous desires outside the norm for her society. More than anything Keturah wants to join with the 2000 young men working to defend their parents who many years ago took a vow and lay down their weapons of war. Misty does a terrific job showing the conflict the calling and choices of one person creates for that individual, their family and community, and this small band of soldiers. With a cast of well-formed characters, and drawing on historical facts and archaeological research, Misty built a first person perspective story that moves at a good pace with a nice balance of introspective moments and exciting action or emotion. Her inclusion of herbal medicines, early farming techniques combined with the daily struggle to hunt or gather food, and weaponry styles gives the reader a sense of time and place.  Also woven through the story is the thread of conflict created from choices made many years ago by the adults and how choices made while younger have far reaching and generational effect.  The book is written in modern American English which I feel makes the stories accessible to young adult readers who might not be used to reading historical fiction.

I would recommend Daughter of Helaman and Fight for You to anyone who likes light historical fiction, young adult stories, a romantic triangle, and strong female characters. 

For this blog hop I'm giving way one of Misty's Stripling Warrior books. The winner will be able to select Helaman's Daughter or Fight for You. Choose ONE method to enter from the form below.    a Rafflecopter giveaway 

(ps- hopefully I've set this up correctly, first time doing a giveaway so please forgive any mistakes or glitches.)

04 October 2013

A Horse, a Pug, and a Wedding

What do you do when you have lost your driver’s license and you need to travel 600 miles to your brother’s wedding? 

Why, you put Bufford, your small pug, in a backpack.

Fill your saddle bags with a black-powder pistol and beer.

Climb on your trusty stead.

And ride from Larkspur, CO to Bryce, UT.

One thing though – don’t ride drunk, hit your horse, or wander into traffic. Then the police will need to pick you up and you won’t make it the wedding. 

What's one of the craziest ways you have tried to solve a problem?