25 July 2011

Guilty Pleasures

I’ve been revising (and revising) Stars Bright and thinking about the little details that make Sophia (main character) who she is. At one point she confesses to a secret, guilty pleasure which is in juxtaposition to her character.
The other day I had to drive into town (I live between two small towns, each four miles from the point I enter the highway) to pick up two small items at the store. I hate having to make trips like this and try to do my grocery shopping once a week. But, the kids had been hungrier than usual and had eaten the flour tortillas I needed to make chicken Quesadas to feed the guests coming for dinner in a few hours.

Our household has three vehicles (plus the one provided Mr. W’s workplace, which by their rules no one but him can even sit in). One is a 1997 Toyota Corolla bought 2nd hand in Virginia when Mr. W’s work did not provide a car. One is a 1996 Toyota Camry with 220,000 mile on it given to us by my mother a few years ago when she replaced it with a new car. And one is a 2006 bright red Ford Expedition we bought two years ago when our mini-van’s transmission went out for the second time. 

The Expedition seats 8, good for hauling scouts around, something we do quite a bit, and our boat, something we don’t do nearly enough and eats gasoline like a teenage boy eats peanut butter sandwiches after two hours at track practice. 90% of the time the Toyota Camry is the vehicle I or HMW drives. No one likes to drive the Corolla, ALW drove this for two years to school and work and track and he it got it all stinky and gross- as only a teenage boy can do. He was supposed to clean it before he left for Brazil 15 months ago but somehow avoided that task. 

This day Mr. W had taken the Corolla, HMW had the Camry so that left me the Expedition. The sun shone warm. I had the windows down and the music up. I sat high above most of the other cars on the road. The red paint gleamed like a candy apple and the muffler (crazy thing, it’s made this way) rumbled and roared. And I LOVE it. I LOVE driving the Expedition.  My guilty pleasure.

We all have one, come on- what’s yours?