24 September 2011

Interconnectivity or Invasive?

I’m on my Android phone and I click on the AP news feed and it wants permission to access the GPS to know my location. Google+ and Twitter request the same as well as the Connect’Em game I played the other day. No, no and NO! The world does NOT need to know my every move...

Okay, I understand AP’s request, they can then target news feeds for my location. Google+ and Twitter, so the followers and people in my circles can better connect with me. Honestly, though, the writers and bloggers I follow (or who follow me) on Google+ and Twitter do not need to know where I live and my friends and family members already know the places I frequent. The whole thing rather creeps me out. The last straw- this morning I read on BBC News about IoT or Internet of Things in which everyday objects, say the newest jeans you just bought, are equipped (um… implanted) with “tiny radio-frequency identification devices”… “which in turn can be connected to the web” and broadcast your every move. The article goes on to state “IoT advocates claim that overall interconnectivity would allow us to locate and monitor everything everywhere and at anytime”. (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-15004063) This does not appeal to me. Maybe to get away from it all I’ll go live in Green Bank, West Virginia. It is a designated radio quiet zone (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_National_Radio_Quiet_Zone).